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Leave for Shops & Establishment
Type Of Leave Leave Entitlement Max Carry Forward Days
Sick Leave

14 days (half pay every year)

Casual Leave (Days)


  • 12 days (full pay for every year)
  • 1 day (after one month of continuous employment)


Not Applicable
Earned / Privileged Leave

15 days (after 12 months of continuous service)

5 days (after 4 months of continuous service)



Working Hours for Shops & Establishment
Normal Working Hours Eight hours in a day and forty eight hours in a week
Interval For Rest After six hours of work, interval of rest of at least one hour
Maximum Over Time Hours One and half hours in a day and one hundred and twenty hours in a year
Spreadover Hours Ten and half hours in a day
Rate of OT Wages Twice the ordinary rate of wages

Ordinary rate of wages : Ordinary rate of wages shall mean such rate of wages as may be calculated in the manner prescribed