what's EPF scheme?  


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EPF may be a saving theme that's offered to nearly each individual who works in any form of organisation, no matter it's a personal, public & government. This theme helps each worker in making ready for his her/him retirement. This theme provides a maturity quantity and interest that's tax free. 

How to calculate Interest on your EPF Scheme?
At now, the EPF rate of interest is 8.65% applicable on EPF contribution created by the leader and therefore the worker. The calculation of the particular interest received depends upon the remuneration of worker and additionally on the break-up of employer’s contribution. so as to calculate the speed of interest on EPF, allow us to1st check out the EPF contribution structure for higher understanding of EPF.

Contribution to EPF by ladies workers
With the Union Budget 2018, the worker contribution of operating ladies has been faded. This was done to push employment of girls specifically within the formal sector of the country. Earlier, the contribution was 10% to 12%, which might be determined as per the organisation. when the Budget 2018, it's 8% for ladies for the initial 3 years of being used. The leader contribution can still be 10% to 12%. 

EPF contribution for brand spanking new workers who are lined by the EPFO

If you're a replacement worker Who are lined by the EPFO, then your leader won't build any contribution. Instead, the government can build this contribution, which can be 10% to 12%. this can be got the initial three years of the person’s employment and it'll embrace each EPS and EPF. The payment is created even to the exiting beneficiaries whose three years haven’t exhausted. it's been declared that the govt can build this contribution completely for brand spanking new worker who square measure registered till 31 March 2019. 

Division of EPF Contribution 

EPF contribution is split into following 2 distinct parts-
1. Contribution created by worker 
Contribution towards EPF is subtracted from employee’s remuneration. this can be 12% of the fundamental remuneration of the worker.

2. Contribution created by leader
Contribution created by leader is also 12% of the fundamental remuneration of the worker. However, this 12% is more divided into the subsequent four components-

• Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) - 3.67%
• Employee’s Pension theme (EPS) - 8.33%
• Employee’s Deposit Link Insurance theme (EDLIS) – 0.50%
• EPF Admin Charges – 0.50% 
• EDLIS Admin Charges – 0.01%

Benefits of EPF
• You will nominate a loved one as your candidate, so that they will avail the pension or the corpus within the event of your dying.
• You get a set financial gain once you retire, while not having to figure.
• EPF permits you to take a position quite the fundamental twelve-tone music of the fundamental remuneration each month underneath the volunteer provident fund
• You additionally get life assurance cowl underneath EPF
• EPF isn't obligatory, although it's powerfully counselled that you simply be a part of
• When you withdraw EPF(After60), you'll avail each EPS & EPF
• You will withdraw early just in case of associate degree emergency underneath sure outlined circumstances like job loss, wedding, loan compensation etc.
• There is not any ought to withdraw or open a replacement EPF as you'll link the previous one and therefore the new one

How to check PF balance?

Step 1. head to the govt EPF Portal

Step 2. choose the situation (state & regional branch workplace) of your pf office

Step 3. Complete the web kind complete together with your personal data and therefore the EPFO account 
number laid out in your record

Step 4. Submit the shape when confirming the small print provided 

Step 5. If all of your records square measure in situ, you'll be sent the EPF balance as SMS to your registered mobile

Rate of Interest in EPF

At present, the rate of interest is 8.75%. EPF is underneath the read of a CBT and therefore the government, WHO decide the rate of interest. They review the rate of interest annually.

How to transfer EPF cash online?

Step 1. within the event of employment modification, EPF may be transferred victimisation the Unified Account variety (UAN) and therefore the account variety can keep constant.

Step 2. head to the official EPF member portal and register.

Step 3. Login once you get the login credentials.

Step 4. Visit the web Transfer Claim Portal and request for EPF transfer victimisation constant login details as on top of.

Step 5. If you're eligible to form the transfer claim on-line, you'll get laid while not having to submit (Form 13)

Step 6. Click Request for Transfer of Fund and enter your previous employment details as directed

Step 7. get onto attested by your previous or new worker

Step 8. when coming into the small print, you'll receive a PIN on your mobile

Step 9. Use the chase ID generated for you to trace your application

Note: you can't withdraw all of your EPF. you'll receive your PF quantity when the deductions mentioned underneath Table D within the EPF rules.